You're young, ambitious and bright. Free to backpack across continents, free to express (not suppress) your greatest talents and free to do the world-changing thing you dreamed of since you were a kid. You're not satisfied with a neutral palette, status quo, cubicle-driven life.

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Neither am I.

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Anita Wing Lee and I'm 23. Over the last three years, I coached budding entrepreneurs all around the world, survived a sandstorm in Tanzania and started up social enterprise in Rwanda.

I'm all about having a career where I can make a difference, make solid money and have a blast doing it. 

I know that when you tap into what really lights you up and you design your career and life to do more of what you love (which BTW, is totally possible), you are unstoppable.

What is The Passion Playbook?

It's an online guidebook of uncommon strategies for finding your passion and launching a career + life you'll be proud of. 

It's about turning your spark into a flame

Designing a soul-filling career

Redefining success, in your own words 

It's a community of passionate warriors and trailblazers 

Cartwheeling in the direction of our dreams

And lifting everyone around us so we soar together

Thanks to your Personal Career Mentor and Dream Launcher, Yours Truly.  

What do you want to create with your life?  

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All Love,