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Anita Wing Lee has spoken on stages all around the world as an expert on personal transformation, meditation and as a social media influencer.  She is pioneer and social innovator in a new generation of millennial entrepreneurs who are redefining success. 



Anita broadcasts daily on the popular live-streaming app, Periscope to a community of over 30k followers.  She specializes in inspirational talks, guided meditations, travel and humanitarian work.  She was invited 2x to speak at the legendary Periscope Summit in New York and San Francisco.  She is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, Periscope's largest meditation and mindfulness community, which organizes events that regularly reach over 75k live viewers.

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Anita is a true inspiration and a leader for people everywhere.
Her wisdom and experience proved to be a remarkable resource for the delegates at One Silver Lining's health and wellness conference, CareCon. She will no doubt continue to be an amazing role model and will positively impact all those around her.
- Bianca Pisciola, Founder of One Silver Lining and CareCon

kevin yu anita wing lee
Anita’s personal stories on her entrepreneurial path and her down-to-earth nature closed the gap to between where people want to be and how to get there.
Anita is not just a speaker that loves to share her experience, but one that helps others figure out what their next experience should be.
- Kevin Yu

"I was delighted to have Anita as our workshop speaker. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and life experience and she is not only a talented speaker but a humble human being. She genuinely cares about helping people find their passion and build relationships with others to get to where they want to be. The audience resonated with her message that doing what you love in life is the best path to happiness and I would definitely recommend Anita to anyone."
- Basal Haddad, SIPO Foundation Workshop Co Director,