The invitation

What’s the secret to a meaningful, abundant and outrageously fulfilling life?

You’ve always been called. If you’ve found your way here, it’s no mistake. You are destined for something 100x greater that you cannot even fathom from where you sit today.

God has a plan for you that is far greater and better than you could ever imagine.

I called it “The Wildest Journey.” I’ve been on many adventures in my life, but this journey is by far my greatest and wildest. It is my journey into the Heart Of God. That place were time expands, possibilities find open and miracles finding us.

Will you join on me The Wildest Journey?

(deets on accepting the invite:

  1. saying a prayer to commit your life to God, Jesus. Start learning about the Bible & Jesus. Be guided to the next write church. Start learning. (include a starting point for books.) Keep going! Share The Love! Life a full and fearless life!