Life itself is a gift. What we do with it is our gift back.

What if we deeply understood that we are free put our energy into doing what we love? What if we understood that we never had to worry about money or careers and that we are taken care of?

The Ethos: 

  1. You are chosen. I am chosen. You are uniquely designed for a purpose and a contribution that only you can make. Every experience, challenge, and lesson is leading you towards this contribution.

  2. We do not have to “earn” approval. We are already deeply loved.

  3. Human nature is to grow, create and love. We will be most fully alive when we get to do all three.

  4. It is good to come up with new innovations for society: How can we practice new systems of exchange that stem from generosity? How can we live in alignment?

  5. We are here to transform our world, not to conform to it.

  6. Collaborate. We’re better together.

The Role Of the Creative In The Flourishing Of Society

We are called to innovate. We must pause to understand. We must chart new directions for humanity. The creative is called to help people locate themselves within the larger story of God’s unfolding work on earth. 

CREATING Home: Heaven On Earth 

I see travel. I dream of a world where every human being receiving access to the transformational power of travel.

I see homes. I dream of homes around the world where people can come for weeks, months or years. Centres of healing, incubating and co-creating. Sustainable communities that bring us back together, back to the land and back to our hearts.

I see life as art. Work as art. I dream of people who are alive with their work, life, art and love.

This is a life-long process living meaningfully, loving well and creating more.  If you’ve ever wanted to travel, create something from your soul or just stay up late at the bonfire chatting with brilliant minds about solutions to save the world, welcome home.

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“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.”

- Satsuki Shibuya