we need words.

I, for one, need words. I need words to pull me forward. In a world full of noise, taking the time to reflect on my own thoughts and the thoughts of those who have walked before me gives me strength, courage, vision and a healthy dose of light-hearted laughter. I drink in the audacity of the author. I soak in the courage of one who believed that her thoughts were worthy enough to write them down.

I write to weave ropes for my soul, knowing that I, or someone else, will need when we find ourselves hanging off a precipice. In the words, I build a raft that buoys me through the wildest rapids and stills me over quiet waters so I remember what's most important.

When I write, I become. My prayer for these mere words you is that you will find a breath of fresh camaraderie and courage and love. I, for one, always need fresh air.

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