Every corner of the earth. (Part 6 of 7)


I can feel His smile from galaxies away. “All I ever wanted was just to take care of you and love you.
Rest easy now. You are Home. 
I will take care of every detail of your life from now on and forevermore.
I did everything I could possibly think of so that you'd find your way Home. 
I built these cities so that you could have everything you’d possibly need
and more.
I filled these cities with every resource imaginable and I’ve put it all at your fingertips with a click of a button.
I’ve created every means of transportation
so that you could explore every corner of this earth
in the hopes that
in your moments of awe,
you'd discover my signature in all things.
The sky and sea are my craftsmanship.
I am the One who made you an adventurer and world traveller. 
I knew you would traverse high and low
far and further
until you found the Truth.
so I made holy
every mountain summit,
every highway exit,
every Starbucks latte,
every airport terminal,
that you would feel my presence with you - no matter where you ventured.
I built churches on every street corner.
I inspired ten thousand versions of the good news in the hopes that one day you’d be able to hear and understand the love letter I left for you.
I invented music
so you'd experience the otherworldly freedom
that exists beyond your dimension
and be lured Homeward. 
Haven’t you always sensed a divine force behind all the
exquisite souls who loved you and you loved?
You know every sister who was a shoulder for you to cry on- 
every friend who gave you a couch to crash on- 
every mother who gave you a meal to eat- 
when you were convinced that you were alone and forgotten?
It was Me.
There is nothing you could do to earn my love.
It is yours because you are my daughter. 
I love you because I know just how
your soul is.
For I know you
a thousand times better
than you know yourself.
I know what you are capable of
5, 10, 20 years from now.
I gave you life
that you would know
the ecstasy of all that you were made for. 
This whole earth keeps running
for one more
to find her way Home.
so V A S T and inexhaustible is My love.”
Part 6 of 7

writingAnita Wing Lee