Zero To Network Scholarship Program

Why I'm Offering A Scholarship Program

After my first summer abroad in Italy, I knew that I wanted to travel again.  I had a glimpse of the the magic, but I knew there was more about there for me to discover. 

I went back to school for my third year of university feeling lost.  I had no idea how I would travel again.  I didn't have much money saved up because I spent it traveling and paying for tuition. Nonetheless, I knew that I wanted to make a difference and dove headfirst in the social entrepreneurship scene at my business school.  

I caught the attention of one pivotal leader at my business school and she changed my life.   She encouraged me to keep pursuing my passions, no matter how unconventional they were.  She saw that I was on fire with passion and she opened up door after door (after door) for me.

But she wasn't the only one. 

Everything that I've accomplished up until this point is because a handful of people believed in me when I was first starting out.  

They pointed me to internships.  
They became my mentors.   
They told me about scholarships and grants.
They wrote killer reference letters for me.  
And I won those scholarships and grants.
I and didn't have to stress out over money anymore.  

I was able to embark on my internships to East Africa because I had a financial cushion.  

Even though this is my first year in business, I'm running a scholarship program because I believe in you.

Your talent.  Your brilliance.  Your potential.  

I want help you see all that you can be.  My mission is to reach as many young people as possible and help them launch their dreams.  I believe deeply in the Zero To Network program and I know it has the potential to change your life.  

I want to you to have the same opportunities I had, because I know you will go far. 

I'm giving away TWO scholarship to Zero To Network.

You will get all 6 video modules, 2 bonuses plus access to the private Facebook group with me, all for FREE!


Here's how to apply:

Prerequisites: You must have watched all the way through one of my free online workshops, so you know what I'm all about. If you haven't, sign up here to know when my next workshop happens.  CLICK HERE to Review the details of Zero To Network to make sure we're a match made in heaven.

1. Create a video telling me why you want to be in Zero To Network. Video should be under 5 minutes.  

2. Post your video to Youtube and put this text in the description of your video:  Zero To Network with Anita Wing Lee. Go from total newbie to networking rockstar and launch your dreams. 

3. Tweet me @anitawinglee with the link to your video. 

4. Complete the application form at the bottom of this page and include your Youtube link in the Message field. 

5. Share the video with everyone you know and get your friends to like and comment on the video.



This scholarship application periods run from Wednesday, October 8th to Monday, October 20th at 5pm ET.  This timeline is SHORT. Get started today. 

I will be reviewing the applications from October 20th onwards and will announce the winners on October 27th.

(You can apply even if you've already paid for the program. If you end up being chosen for a scholarship, you will be refunded the price you paid.) 



I will be judging the videos based on creativity, originality, passion and the number of and quality of Youtube comments and likes. 

I know that recording yourself on video might feel intimidating, but just imagine that you're Skyping with me.  What would you say to me? Why do you want to be Zero To Network?  Speak from your heart. You can't do it wrong. :) 

Good luck! I can't wait to help you soar! :) 

P.S. Email if you have any questions about applying to the scholarship program. 

Please Note: Winners will be chosen at my discretion. I reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding the scholarship program. 


ZTN Scholarship Application Submission

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