Hi! I’m Anita.


I wear many hats, but behind it all is someone living with her whole heart.

It’s been quite the adventure.

I’ve travelled to, worked in and lived in 34 countries so far. I love the thrill of adventure, connecting with humans from all walks of life and seeing the world with fresh eyes. I’ve had the blessing of working with world-changing companies and organizations around the world, developing content for them and using my skills to help bring their messages to life. Yet the most precious thing is the lessons I’ve learned, the friends I’ve made and the person I’ve become along the way.

Think of me as a friend, a fellow traveler on this rad journey we call life. It’s my joy to share what I’m living and learning, transparently and honestly. That’s just how I roll.

I don’t have any tattoos, but if I did, it would be a heart on my sleeve.



Professional Bio

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Anita Wing Lee is a media host, director, producer, social innovator, writer and speaker. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has cultivated a global community through her multi-platform storytelling and her bold, yet relatable voice.  Anita has been featured multiple times on Periscope as one of the top female broadcasters to follow.

Anita founded Global Meditation Scope, a first-of-its-kind livestreaming event that brought together 400 broadcasters. Through her social good initiative, #ProjectSoulFam, she was one of the first to livestream the European refugee crisis from the ground — broadcasting raw stories and interviews from inside refugee camps.

With over ten years of media production experience, Anita has worked with numerous clients in the wellness, travel, social good and creative industries.  She is author of two books including her most recent, Home Is Oceans Here: A Journey and The Soul Of Humanity.

 A seasoned world traveler, Anita has been to 34 countries thus far.  She has been featured in Mashable, CBC, Adweek and numerous podcasts.


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