the inspiring account of one young woman’s journey to carve her own path in the modern world.



Anita knew she didn’t belong in an office forever. She longed for a place where she could be free to create, give and live as her heart desired, not bound by fear, money or judgement. She embarked on a quest that would unveil the mysteries of what it means to surrender your plans, heal your past and live your destiny.

The journey that spanned three years, ten countries, and thousands of photographs is now distilled into this breathtaking book, brimming with sensibility that will leave lasting impression on your soul.

Anyone who has ever admired a polished social media account and thought “I want a life that looks like that!” will find an honest friend and guide in this book. With the poignancy, compassion and courage, Anita reveals the lessons, triumphs and the ultimate rewards of following a lifelong dream.

Part-memoir, part-travelogue, and part-how to guide this book will empower you to reach any destination in life - be it the highest peaks, the bluest seas and everything in between.


  • Includes 100 full color pages of Anita’s most beloved travel photography and never-before-seen photos

  • Intricately designed into a 6x9 inch (15x23cm) softcover book to travel with you and be loved again and again.

  • Length: 260 pages


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