The Moment Everything Comes Together.

On the other side of your leap of faith is a miracle. People think that they'll fall flat on their face but In my experience, everytime I take a leap of faith. something incredible beyond-words happens. 

We did it again.

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Even with my experiences, it still took a lot of faith and courage for me to release my Funded & Flow course on a "give what feels good" basis. I had no idea if it would go totally bust and ruin my "online business" forever.

However, this has totally changed everything. We raised over $1000 and 40 new people joined the program! But I never did it for the money. Messages that I received like why I believe in so much:

"Thank you for letting genuine people like myself a chance of donating what we can. I am currently a single mother but I share my love and what I can give with my family friends and community what I can.

This is proof that when we tap into our flow and follow our inspiration fearlessly, we create miracles for ourselves and others.

How did I finally decide to release my course on a 'Give What Feels Good' basis? 

I asked myself, "what does it take to be the best version of your self? Your boldest, bravest, brightest self?" and I listened for the answer.

Over the years, I've found that what we are looking for is often right underneath our noses. It's just that we have so much chatter in the mind that we can decipher which voice to listen to.  Anytime I'm feeling stuck, I stop and look around, instead of plowing through the struggle.

This process of asking, listening and leaping has brought me some of the coolest experiences and people ever.

And that’s why I’m super excited to share with you a totally free guide from Jason Moore and Travis Sherry, the co­founders of the Paradise Pack.

They interviewed 10 people who are making money online in 10 different ways and broke down their entire process for being successful. I was recently featured on Jason's Podcast, Zero to Travel and we talked about different ways to crowdfund your travels.

As a solo travelers for the much of the last 5 years, I know the power of travel to unlock your potential and this guide covers it all.

10 people. 10 ways they've made a living money to travel the world.  Real­ life examples, details and stats. 

Get The Guide FREE Here.

I trust that free guide will give you more insights to live a life where you also take many leaps of faith. Enjoy!

Infinite Love,
Anita xx

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