Hawaii Retreat: I can barely believe this just happened.

Y'know those moments when you open your eyes a little wider and realize that you're living in a movie? Like, this moment too damn perfect.

About 1.5 years ago, I wrote a blog about wanting to take people to extraordinary places and give them life-changing experiences. I wanted to lead retreats around the world one day.

One day just happened.

anita wing lee hawaii

A lot sooner than I thought.
From now on, I no longer put timelines on my dreams. 🙌
Expect miracles, my friends, for they are right around the corner.

I'm so grateful and so humbled. I just want everyone to get to experience this feeling of awe and explosion in your heart. This photo is like my heart turned inside out so that you can see it in this dimension. So much love. So much color. 💛💞💜💙💚

📷: leading a guided meditation during sunrise for my retreat participants.💛 photo by @marcela_r_b