The Morning Practice I Can't Live Without

This past weekend, on August 8th, all of my efforts to create #GlobalMeditationScope culminated into the most epic event on Periscope. We had over 110 meditation guides in 11 countries around the world leading meditation in every style imaginable.

I completely blew my mind how everyone worked together to create a moment of light and positivity! Check out the website to learn more: 

I created #GlobalMeditationScope event because meditation is one of the cornerstone of my daily practice. If I don't even meditate for a day, I can feel it. I end up being way more frazzled and stressed out through. 

Meditation can help with everything from: 

  • Finding your life purpose 
  • Healing a broken heart 
  • Anxiety, stress, overwhelm and much more! 

For the last 6 weeks on Periscope, I have been leading guided meditations in the morning. I recorded a special meditation that I did by the lake for you. This is a meditation to help you find the courage to pursue your dreams.  

If you'd like to join me for daily live morning meditations, download the Periscope app onto your phone and find me @anitawinglee. I do a different meditation every morning and take special requests from viewers. 

If you have an older phone and can't access Periscope, just follow me on Twitter and you'll see a tweet everytime I Periscope and can catch the replays for 24 hours there! 

If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave me a comment below! I alaos 

Infinite Love & Gratitude, 

Anita xx