Why I'm Making A Ridiculously Huge Investment In Myself

I officially walked my university graduation ceremony in October. The culmination of 5 years of essays, exams and tens of thousands of dollars.

Although I could care less getting my piece of paper (aka. degree), I allowed myself to take in the significance of that moment: I will no longer see myself as a "just a student" or new professional, whatever. Now I officially step into my life as a young woman leader. 

My graduation ceremony was just another reminder of all the labels that we put on ourselves that hold us back.  

By most standards, I'm pretty good at not caring what the world says. I've been going against the grain for most of my university career, doing all those travel gigs instead of getting "normal" internships.

But the truth is, I could have done more sooner. I still hung onto the "student" label for years. I tried to break out of the mold, but I still stuck within the confines of my academic calendar, etc. 

I know now that it's all in your head: The only limitations of your career and life are those that we put on our minds.

I'm not letting any labels or preconceived notions of what I "should" be doing stop me anymore. 

That's why I recently made a HUGE investment in myself this week. My biggest thus far.

Is it scary? You betcha. 

Why'd I still do it? Why not take it slow? 

This investment is totally different from investing in my university degrees though. Most people invest in university degrees because they think it's a safe bet. It'll help them get a job. 

A true investment is one that stretches you. It's a conscious commitment to become the kind of person you want to be and to take action. To step forward into the life you want.  

  1. This - all of this - isn't about me anymore. This website and the community around it is so much bigger than me. I may be the one writing this, but I really do see a shift in the way millennials today think about their careers and when I think of the thousands more people who are going to be inspired and empowered as a result of me taking this leap, its easily worth it
  2. I must first become the person that I intend to be, to do the work I want to do the world. And leaders aren't born sitting on the sidelines, they are born playing in the game.  
  3. ALL IN. I have to be all in. I AM all in. I am playing big. I am creating. 

Hello there, Fear. 

All kinds of fears came up for me as a mulled over this decision, but no matter what, I couldn't deny this nagging feeling that my heart and soul longed to move forward, to expand.

Sometimes, you just KNOW when something is right. It is in those moments, that you can say YES to growing, believing, spreading your wings and leaping into a life greater than your wildest dreams...

...or you can saunter back to you old life. Tell yourself you'll do when you "have the money," when you have a stable job, when you've paid off your student debt. If you say NO, you can know in your heart and soul that you're shutting the door to your dreams.

And so I said yes! 

Side note: I've also learned a lot about how to handle and overcome fear in this process, lessons which I will be sharing here. So important to being able to create a phenomenal, fulfilling life! 

I'm super excited all of the new programs and packages I will be creating in 2015 as a result of my investment and I know you are going to LOVE them too! 

If you also want to say YES to creating a passion-fueled life and career, I invite you to sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY 45-minute discovery call with me and make your 2015 rockin'

Just Love,