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My Story on Periscope

Hi love!

I'm Anita Wing Lee. When I got on Periscope in June 2015, I had no idea that it would change my life. I started leading morning meditations because I thought it would help people, and 4 weeks later in August 2015, that turned into the largest creative meditation movement on this platform called Global Meditation Scope.

Since then I've been invited to speak at the legendary Periscope Summit twice in NYC and SF, created a community #SoulFam of nearly 9000 beautiful souls, completed a 4000 mile journey across USA raising funds for refugees, and I found a faith in humanity and trust for life, which I never had before.

The Mission

Now we're taking it a step further.  Periscope and live streaming is the frontier of human connection and this tool can be used as a force for good or for evil. We choose, by what we put out and what we share. 

From my first days on this platform, I started called my little Periscope family #SoulFam. I wasn't trying to create a brand, business or 'tribe,' Honestly, it was because something inside told me we could take this platform by storm. We could do something big on Periscope. We could really shine. But it's important to me to stay humble. It's never gonna be about me. It's about family. 

The SoulFam Philosophy

As I often say, "There are no accidents in the Peri-verse." If we've found each other it's because we're meant to serve each other, help each other and lift each other higher. How could we not talk about family when family's all we got? 

We are soul family, not because of race, religion or blood but because of our essence as sentient, human beings. There is something greater at work here. The same force that beats my heart and yours compels me to do something meaningful with my time and energy, which is what's led me to Greece and the Refugees. 

Sure, I could be sitting in my cushy home in Canada, emailing brands asking them to pay me because I'm a Periscope "influencer" and talk about their products,  but who would give a f*@%? I certainly wouldn't. But now I get to ask brands, business and ordinary people to step up and be extraordinary with me because we are doing epic work in the world. 

And that's what we're doing. 

Broadcasting For Good

I'm currently on the island of Lesvos, Greece where hundreds and sometimes thousands of refugees from Syria and neighbouring countries, still arrive everyday on their journey to find a safer home. Most arrive in flimsy lifeboats with nothing but the wet, freezing clothes on their back. 

They still have a long journey ahead of them into Europe and if they're lucky, they'll make it to places like North America. 

The refugee support network here for them is made up of a patchwork of inspiring NGO's and volunteers from around the world. I will be giving the funds that we raise to 2-3 different humanitarian organizations that are doing incredible work. 

First up, Better Day For Moria (BDFM) has grown from nothing to a fully operational campsite providing basic, essential care for refugees as they await their registration and the continuation of their journey. We have medical care, dry clothes distribution, a chai tea tent, a kids area, food distribution and much more to make sure these refugees are safe, warm and dry. Running these extensive day-to-day operations takes a large amount of money. Our fixed monthly costs every month total up to €45.000. Learn more about BDFM.

I want to be able to give $5000 to each organization. With a community of 8800 on Periscope as of this moment, if each person gave $1, we would easily hit our goal. If everyone have $5, we would have $40,000 to give away and all of the aid is sorely needed. 

How To Contribute

I know that not everyone is in a financial situation to give.  Still, you can help share this mission. Many of you have already given and for that I am beyond grateful. Please continue to invite other Periscopers, broadcasters and everyone you know to learn more.

  • Write articles about Soul Fam Fund.
  • Tell people about us and Periscope.
  • Share & Retweet my broadcasts.
  • Donate travel points. Warm clothing. Baby carriers.
  • Use the hashtag #SoulFamFund on social media. 
  • Tell @periscopeco on Twitter so they will feature us. 
  • Spread our press release:

Let's make the largest initiative ever to use Periscope for good.

Because of Periscope, I have found a way to give and contribute to the world and I'm so alive.  Here's the thing, I don't believe in "giving back." I've already given so much, you can't give it back to me.   I personally don't need much anyway. Just a place to sleep, water to drink, maybe some food, electrical charge for my phone and WiFi. :) 

So help me pay it forward.

I am committed to using my channel to  uplift and inspire millions and answer the call the help wherever I can.  Greece and the refugees are calling. But I'm only one person. If my story has touched you in any way, please share this page and share to everyone you know.

Thank you for being a part of our family.
Watch my LIVE broadcasts daily on Periscope:
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What is SoulFamFund

We use Periscope to share the raw, inspiring stories of charitable efforts by ordinary people.

soul fam fund

We work with grassroots humanitarian organizations to raise awareness of stories that aren't always covered in mainstream media.

We raise funds for incredible causes. We show how your donations go where they can make the most impact.

We spread inner and outer peace by providing free meditation and yoga classes, where requested.



Donate to support the refugees in Greece with basic necessities, supplies and transportation to safer home.

I am on the ground, ensuring that all funds raised through Soul Fam Fund go directly to helping refugees on their journey to find a safer home. I'm Periscope daily live coverage from refugee shelters in Lesbos, Kos and Kalymnos.

So far we've raised $2900 of $10,000 of the needed to various humanitarian aid organizations.

$50 - buys 10 baby slings for mothers to keep their children cradled while they journey.
$100 - buy 20 backpacks so family can carry basic necessities.
$500 - buys 20 ferry tickets for refugees to travel from the Greek Islands further inland.
$1300 - buys a washing machine for a refugee center to maintain hygiene

If you want to help us saves on PayPal fees, send your donation directly to


Ways to Help

Other additional ways you can support include donating accommodations, air miles, items for auction, hosting your own fundraiser, donating your Christmas gifts and more. Every little bit counts. please contact us at

Spread the world. Help share our Press Release with your local news outlet.

Cosmos Painting Bundle - Get All 3 Limited Edition Prints Signed by Anita Wing Lee
Prints of original acrylic paintings, paintedon Periscope by Anita Wing Lee (@anitawinglee).  One 8' x 11' print of each painting. Will be mailed in a photo safe envelope.  Limited quantities. All Proceeds go to Soul Fam Fund to help Syrian Refugees.

1. "Cosmic Partnership"
2. "Fire In Her Soul"
3. "Eye Am"
Touch of Infinite - Meditation Album by Anita Wing Lee
Meditation is the cornerstone of my life. Whenever I'm feeling lost or muddled, I stop, sit down and reconnect with my inner wisdom.  These 4 meditation tracks will help you find the trust to go forward in life, knowing you have access to infinite wisdom within.
1. Deep Trust in Life Meditation
2. Infinite Soul (Morning) Meditation
3. Let Go & Let Flow Meditation
4. Releasing & Restoring Peace (Evening) Meditation




Is this you? Contact us at


Anita's been invited to present on The Zen Cruise - Fort Lauderdale, FL to Cozumel, Mexico - March 3-7, 2016
When you book with the code "Global Meditation Scope", you receive $50 offand The Zen Cruise will donate an $100 to the Soul Fam Fund. Join us for a transformational journey at sea celebrating mindfulness through world-class yoga, healing arts, ecstatic dance, soul-filling music,  nourishing conscious community and Anita's guided meditations live! LEARN MORE & SAVE YOUR SPOT.