Hi! I'm Anita.  I get asked regularly about how I travel the world, and I created this free online workshop to answer!

However, this isn’t just about living the “laptop lifestyle”. It’s about consciously creating your entire life: inside and outside.

It’s about being genuinely being so tapped into your genius that your work propels you from Easter Island to Ethiopia.  You in?



Think of this like our travel team huddle.

I'm going to share my hottest training on conscious creation and travel.

You'll learn *exactly* how to do it for yourself & connect with our epic tribe!

You'll learn:

  •  Behind-The-Scenes of my story: how I went from eating disorder and anxiety to business school rebel, from fledgling blogger to full-time world traveler and online creator. 
  • How to consciously create the money to travel .**Esp, for everyone who wonders about Da Money!!**
  • My FAV minimalism advice will help you live bigger (aka. how I lived out of 1 suitcase for 13 months and loved it.)
  • Answers to your Q’s & much more! 
  • PLUS,  you'll receive Anita's Get Paid To Travel starter guide.

So grab a cup of coffee. {I've got my matcha latte} Get comfortable & let's chat!

Join us on March 17 at 7pm EST (NYC)
4pm PST (LA)
11pm GMT (London).

Not sure if you can tune in live?
Sign up and we'll send you the video replay within 24 hours of recording!


Who is Anita Wing Lee?

I'm that girl who wore neon leggings to my business school classes and thought to myself, "What am I doing here?! I don't want to spend the rest of my life in an office!

Five years ago I went on my first trip solo to Italy... and never looked back. I took many leaps of faith and stayed on the road, hoping that my travel experiences would change me in a way that an office job never could.

It worked.

I always found a way to make a living, do what I love and fund my travels. Today, I know that anyone can do it too.

Join me on this journey. I can't wait to share it all with you!

Once you sign up, I'll email you a link to join us online on March 17 for the free workshop!