What entrepreneurship teaches me about living my best life

Our careers are not about what we create on the outside.  They're about who we become on the inside. From that perspective I'm incredibly grateful that I chose to be an entrepreneur and start my own business because it challenges me everyday to be the best possible person I can be.  

Being an entrepreneur brings me closer to to true inner peace and fulfillment, which is what we are truly seeking. My business is my like spiritual path because it made me ask these tough questions. 

1. Why are you really here? 

The first thing I had to decide was why does my business exist?  Who am I going to serve? 
I attended one of the top business schools in Canada so I had people tell me that I should create a business helping high school students get admitted into top universities. 

Deep down, I didn't want to do that. 

Being an entrepreneur forced me to consider what I really wanted to create and do with my life. I wanted to help young women transcend their limitations, explore and release fear and activate their greatness. What lights me up is taking people to transformation experiences at exotic locations around the world. 

We are all here to live the greatest expression of our gifts, joys and purpose.  Adopt an entrepreneur's mentality and dare to use your career to live your soul purpose. 

2. What are your priorities? 

As an entrepreneur, you have total control of your time. You can bury yourself in work, or you can slow down spend time on the things that truly matter: love, compassion and integrity. 
When you have total control of your time, you think twice about your priorities.

As I built my business, I realized how wired I was to be working 24/7. It was hard to stop working, and when I did, I felt guilty. This made me reconsider what my intentions are for my business. 

I am not building a business just to make money and create an empire. I am building a life -- one that I adore and enjoy. This happens one day a time.  I realized I would rather build my business slowly and mindfully.

3. When you strip the money away, what's left? 

Being an entrepreneur made me consider what is the absolute worst case scenario and if this fails, can I survive it? 

For me, failing would mean that I have to move back into my parents' house. I would have to ask a friend and borrow their couch for a while.  I had let go of the desire for fame, money and success and really consider if this venture was worth my life and reputation. I considered of all of the stories I told myself about who I am in the outside world.  I mentally dropped the "entrepreneur," "motivational speaker," "life coach" titles. 

When all of that is gone, all that's left is my mission and vision for the world. Was it worth it? Yes! 

As you die to all of your old stories, you create space for your soul purpose to come through. I wanted to help people connect with their passions and embark on their greatest lives journey. 

4. What does your intuition tell you? 

Being an entrepreneur means I don't have a boss anymore. No one can tell me what to do unless I allow them. At first, I allowed everyone and anyone to give me business advice. I was a sponge, and I soaked up everything. However, I soon ended up drawing in a ginormous list of never-ending to-dos, and I felt completely overwhelmed. 

The only way out of this was to listen to my intuition. I spent weeks reading about intuition, meditating and journalling to find my truth. I slowed down and asked myself, what is truly my next right move? From this calm, centered place, I always know what to do. 

5. Is this worth risking everything? 

The best part about being an entrepreneur is that it forces me to trust that the universe has my back, no matter what. 

I might be taking more personal risks to be an entrepreneur, but I also get to experience more of life's magic. I do my part but I let go of the exact business outcomes, knowing that I will be guided to my next right move. 

When you are living out your soul's purpose, your business cannot fail because it is all part of the journey.

Living your purpose is the ultimate job security. 

Now I'd love to hear from you. 

What enlightening "ahas" have you experienced as you carve your own path in the world?  

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