She had no money and she liked it - with Lilou Mace

I just finished reading I Had No Money And I Liked It: The Abundant Journey Of An Open Heart by Lilou Mace and it is incredible. You can feel her love and pure energy pour out from pages. I devoured this book in 36 hours and I’m pretty sure I will do the same with her prequel, “I Had No Job and I Liked It” later this weekend. 

I even stayed up late to read it, which is notable because I’m a stickler for sleeping on time! Lilou Mace is a prolific web TV show host with a highly successful Youtube Channel, an inspirational author and all-around incredible human being. Just watch one of her vlogs and you’ll know what I mean.

I was so inspired by her book that I wanted to share some of her messages with you.  Her journey really resonated with me, because I too have been opening my heart and learning how to embrace every moment of my journey. I highly recommend that you get a copy of the book for yourself too and dive in. She is amazing. :) 

1. Learn to identify yourself as a soul on a journey.

When you detour into fear and find yourself in a spiral of worry, your job is to stop and reorganize your thought patterns. Everything that happens to you in your life is there to help you learn, grow and awaken your soul. You are not here to accumulate money or a possessions. You are here to become a more kind, generous and loving person. Even when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, and everything is going wrong, it’s still just part of the earth school lesson plan.  Sometimes our soul has to force us to hit rock bottom so that we will change our old patterns and wake up. 

2. Get in the flow and stay in it. 

Lilou describes the idea of “living in the flow” and I almost imagine it a real river of energy that can flow through your life when you are living your purpose and excude the natural passion that comes from doing what you love.  When you feel that you’re outside of the flow, get yourself back in the flow. This is more important than trying to loads of action on the outside. 

One of my favourite quotes from the book is this: 

“Baptiste [de Pape] was explaining to me, ‘Lilou, when you are not in the heart, when you are not grounded, centred, and positive, don’t even bother doing anything else.’ He said, ‘I meditate in the heart. I walk for an hour in the morning.” I asked him, ‘So, when do you do stuff?’ and he said, ‘I do less, but synchronicity happens and the magic flows.’”   

There have been many times over the last few months when I kept berating myself for doing taking enough action. At the same time, I couldn’t help it. It was as if the only thing my soul wanted to do was soak up positive books and and meditate. Now I understand that my soul is wiser than my logical mind and it was guiding me back to my flow. 

3. Meditate on the heart and open up your heart. 

This might just sound like an analogy, but it is a real thing. Your heart is not just an organ, it is a powerful energy centre that will guide you.  Strive to keep it open all the time so that you can feel it pull you to where to go and what to do. 

I often heard people say, “you have to take inspired action” but I couldn’t figure out what that meant. However, over the last few months, my trials have opened my heard and I can feel what inspired action is. It is an amazing feeling. Now I can truly just create things from my heart and follow the pull.  I’ve found that I must follow the pull, my body literally will not allow me to do things that I don’t light me. When I force things, I start spiralling into anxiety. When I get into the flow, creations  pour of me effortlessly. 

This is one of my mottos in life: “Be pulled by your mission, but pushed by your ambition.”  Ambition is also ego-based. Your life mission is from your heart. 

4. Choose to follow your bliss and create what excites you.

This is a conscious choice we must make. Lilou had to choose to keep making her interview videos, even when she had no money, instead of looking for a job. Let go of the old paradigm that says money can only come from a traditional 9 to 5 job and open yourself up to all creative possibilities. 

You must follow YOUR bliss and create what YOU feel inspired to create. The world is quick to tell you to do this, and do that but none of that will make you truly happy because it is not what your soul came to earth to do. This is why step 2 and 3 and so important. Separate from yourself from outside chatter and follow the directions you get from your heart. 

5. Keep doing what you lights you up, and eventually you will be paid for it.

When you direct your attention to what lights you, the universe is able to create a way that you are financially rewarded for it. It won’t happen instantly, but it will happen.  Lilou was doing interviews with authors for free because she brought her so much joy. It was a while before she made enough consistent income from the interviews to be financially independent and confident. 

6. Along the way, embrace all the other forms of abundance.

Lilou describes some key friendships that helped her during her stage where she had no money. She spent some time with one of her friends who “gets it.” They went to a park and meditated, imaging that they were sitting in a sea of gold and everything was gold and she felt much better. 

There is always an abundance of love, nature, air, water and friends. Even when things are going exactly your way, be grateful for everything that you do have for now: a job, a family, food on the table, a healthy body, etc. There are all forms of abundance too. 

I too am incredibly grateful for new friends who have popped up in my life over the last few months. In fact, I am going to be interviewing many of them in a new Youtube interview series launching later this summer! Sign up for my email list and Subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first to know when it launches. 

My intention with this new Youtube series is to shine a light on other trailblazers who have follow their hearts and carved their own path while changing the world. I will be interviewing soulful entrepreneurs, inspirational authors, bloggers, leaders and more.

I am very excited and I have to thank Lilou Mace for being a shining example of someone who relentless went after her dreams, lives her purpose and has created a phenomenal life (and massive body of work.) 

If there are specific people that you’d love for me to interview, feel free to fill in my contact form and let me know!