How To Prepare For Your First Solo Travels

Do you feel the desire to travel on our own?

Maybe you have friends who’ve traveled solo. Maybe you’ve followed this instagram accounts for too long. Maybe there’s that nagging voice in your soul that it will do you good to spend some time alone.

I love solo travel.

I started traveling on my own when I was twenty. I went to Italy to teach English for seven weeks. It was the first time that I met other 20-somethings who believed in having a meaningful and adventureous alive. There was something alive about this people. I wanted more and kept pursuing more.

Here are some of my personal notes from filming this video. Please note that the video covers additional details not mentioned below!

Phase One: Embolden Yourself.

  1. Devour All The Inspiration You Can. Travellers are a generous bunch. We freely share travel advice and tips because that is usually how we found the courage to get on the road and keep traveling. If you have friends who’ve traveled, ask them out for coffee and chances are, they’ll pour out all the travel they can. If you don’t have any travelling friends around you, then go online. Thousands of travel blogs will give you everything you need to know. The more research you do, the more you will come to understand that travel is accessible, doable and accessible on any budget. You’ll find yourself filled up with reasons why you can, instead of why you can’t. To this day, I still love hearing about unconventional ways that people figure out to travel. At this stage, it’s just about gather information and inspiration. Find stories of families, couples and solo travellers. Let your mind open to new ideas.

Phase Two: Brainstorm/Soulstorm Your Path.

There is a practical component and a spiritual component to travel. On the practical side, take a look at your budget. Would you rather start small or save up to go away for three months? Would you prefer to work on the road? If you’ve already done a few trips solo, maybe you want to experiment with working remotely. Consider what’s practical but always save space for a miracle to come through.

Consider What you Want To Pack

Do you want to go and make content? Do you want to disconnect from technology? Do you want to try backpacking? Do you make this a photography trip? One the best things about solo travel is that you get to customize your trips to your personal values.

On the spiritual side, where do you feel most drawn to? Does life seem to be guiding you towards a particular direction? Do you feel God guiding you to travel? My guess is yes, or you wouldn’t have been guided to this article.

Ask yourself the question, What do I want to get out of this trip? What do I want to give to the world?

The difference between travel and tourism is that tourism is about seeing, observing. The place doesn’t change and neither do you. Travel is expecting the experience to change you. You will certainly not be the same, and if you are open to it, you can also make a positive difference in the place and for the people you visit. Answer this question for yourself.

Is there something on your spiritual journey that’s begging to be opened or looked at? lean into it, instead or running away.

Once you’ve done all of the above, you’ll naturally settle into a clear vision of where to go, how much to spend or give, and what to do with your time away.

That’s it! The Final step is to look at your calendar… and book!

Do you have more travel questions? Feel free to comment below and let me know and I’ll do my best to address it in a future piece!

Infinite Love,