My Birthday Bash + How To Live Your Purpose

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for my Birthday Bash!! It was truly an honor and privilege to get to spend part of my special day with you. 

Here's the replay of my Birthday Bash Special & a summary: 

How to Live Your Purpose: 

1. See all of your problems as learning points.

We must first learn to accept the present and find the lessons in the present. We typically resist the present because we want to move onto a different life - that elusive life with purpose. What are the lessons you need to learn to "graduate" to the next stage?

2. Bloom where you are planted.

There is a reason that you are where you are right now. Maybe there is someone you need to help, something you need to teach, someone you need to serve.  Practicing gratitude will help you see the good and opportunity in your life now. Embrace your life as it is. 

3. Treat your mind as sacred territory. 

Become aware of what the world is telling you. Don't let trash (fear, doubt, worry) in. Use the DELETE button on any limiting beliefs people tell you, and fill you mind with positivity instead.

4. If your soul is telling you to travel, DO it. 

There is something out there you need to learn. I've following my own call to adventure around the world several times now, and I know, there are things you will learn on the road that you just won't learn sitting at home. 

5. Meditate. 

Meditation helps you to recognize all of the useless mind chatter we have and let it go. Tune into your intuition and drop all the negative stories. 

6. Made decisions that feel right to you. 

Use your left brain AND right brain (intuition) to make decisions. Make decisions that feel right to you, not to your parents, friends, society, etc. 

7. Choose growth over all. 

The human spirit is inclined to grow, flourish and expand. When in doubt, consider: Does this make me feel like I'm expanding and growing or shrinking? Go in the direction of growth. 

8. Do what feels purposeful and joyful to you. 

Your purpose will find you when you take the baby steps. What can you add to your life today that would sprinkle a little more purpose?

9. Help others. 

True purpose always come from helping others. 

10. Be the leader. 

Don't be afraid to take on more and be at the helm of the change you want to see in the world. Trust that when you are living on purpose, you cannot fail because your work is not so much bigger than you. 

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Anita Wing Lee