My Secret Is Out: I'm Doing A Masters Of Divinity.


This is the secret I’ve been sitting in, unsure of how to explain it or if it’s even valuable to share online: I’m starting a masters program. It’s a masters of divinity at a Christian seminary, Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, to be exact. What is that, you may ask? If you’re familiar with church culture, you’re probably thinking, WHAT?!?! 

If you’re not familiar with church culture, then you’ll probably be equally as surprised and confused. A masters of divinity is what people usually complete if they intend on going to into full-time vocational ministry. AKA, work at a church as a “pastor” for the rest of their lives. 

I’d like to say, THAT is the last thing I plan on doing. At the same time, I intentionally relinquish the plans I create for my own life. I know there is an intelligence that is bigger and wiser than me. I’m better off following the nudges, the Voice that now speaks so clearly to my soul, than to devise my own plans attempt to plough them into my destiny. 

I’ve come to believe that some things are written in the stars. 

Perhaps this program and I were always meant to be. This masters program and the 3-4 years that are coming will be nothing like what I’ve experienced. If I thought solo travel through Africa required courage, if I thought that being a full-time travel vlogger/entrepreneur/content creator required skill, I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. 

I full intend on continuing to write like a rainmaker, make videos and work my jobs while I complete this program. My colour-coded calendar is going to hit a new territory come this autumn. 

I’m acutely aware that we live in a culture that praises the busy high-achiever. I don’t want to be proud of myself for “doing a lot.” I don’t want anyone to admire me for “doing a lot.” What’s important to me in this process is that my soul sinks deepest into the God-realm. I am walking straight into the House of God and letting the transformation happen. I’m okay with walking into the fire, because I know who goes with me. 

The Journey I’ll Be Sharing 

I hope to share as much of the process of completing this masters program as possible. I used to believe that some people had a superpower that allowed to accomplish loads in life. I was intrigued by those types of people, but I didn’t believe I could be one. Today, I feel like I’m on the journey of becoming one of those people.  In the last 6 months of waking up at 5am and accomplishing more than I ever had, I’ve seen that it’s a matter of being very intentional with your time, energy and resources.

I don’t think highly of myself, but God thinks highly of me. I am a simple wildflower determined to grow higher and deeper as I yearn for the light and for the living water. 

God thinks highly of you.  If something in desires to rise above your circumstance, then I hope that my stories and reflections will spark something in you. I won’t always be writing about my masters program journey on Instagram, but if you want to follow it more closely, keep an eye on my blog since that’s where I’m able to post longer pieces.

I’m going to change. A lot. My perspectives will be molded. My heart will be healed. My soul will be freed. My style is simply to share the journey. If I waited for myself to be perfect or fully healed before I write, I would never write till I’m 89. So I will keep sharing online, and my prayer is that we get to be pilgrims walking on this journey of life together. :)

Thank you for reading and for being here! You matter. A lot. 

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