Once & For All: Do I have rich parents who pay for my travels?

"You must have millionaire parents who pay for your travels."
I get this comment A LOT on Periscope and I know that underneath it are some BIG assumptions.

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My parents raised me to be independent and since I started traveling 5 years ago, I found my own ways to fund my trips. My parents have never paid for any of my trips. I always worked jobs or found creative ways to fund my trips. Lets break it down:

ASSUMPTION: Travel is a luxury and for the rich.

1. I made a conscious choice that I wanted to live more simply and but meaningfully. for me, that included travel. I prioritize deep, meaningful experiences over accumulating stuff. I would rather spend my time doing things I love, even if this means making less money in the beginning, but get to enjoy every day

ASSUMPTION: I can't do what I love AND travel. I have to do what's "practical."

2. I focus on developing my passions and then offering to help others with my passions & skills. As a result I've landed jobs that paid for or enabled my travels. I always think of what services I could offer to help someone else and it leads to amazing conversations and opportunities to help companies abroad. For example, one of my fav trips was doing social media for scuba diving shop where I got free accommodations and over $1500 worth of diving for free.

Travel is often a BYPRODUCT of choosing to pursue my passion. My best advice is to try this theory out for yourself. I promise that if you put your passion first, it will pay off in the long run.

ASSUMPTION: I don't have enough money to travel.

This one is easy. All we have to do is do the math. It's actually cheaper for me to travel than it would be for me get a traditional job and stay in Canada. For the average person living in a first-world country, if you choose to save more and spend less, you would easily have enough money to travel for several months.

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Infinite Love,
Anita x