How to Lighten Your Mood To Stay Motivated

If only summer lasted forever, the world would be a happier place.  

I, for one, would wake up more excited and reinvigorated with sunlight. I'd be more productive with more daylight hours. I'd be lighter without the sweatpants and hoodies. 

So when I was planning my student exchange back in 2012, I was determined to go for the winter semester and skip winter altogether.  I finessed course load intoshape and spent January to April this year living on a tropical island in constant 30+ degrees celsius and 80% humidity weather.

Take it from me, warmer climates do not equate perpetual happiness. Now that I've definitively dispelled the myth that I would be happier in warmer climates, I've moved on to try other things. 

This week's blog was inspired by a talk I heard on Yogaglo called "How To Shift Your Vibration" by meditation teacher David Harshada Wagner.  (I'm a huge fan of Yogaglo 'cause they have an  unreal variety of yoga classes - better than any actual studio I've been to - and it's only $20/month for unlimited access.) I took notes on David's talk and added in what's worked for me.  

I've found that if I inject more of these 7 simple things in my life, I can create a buffer so that my negative moods don't spiral too far down. Hope this helps!

Whether you're having a horrible day, or you just want to know how to keep a good mood going, here are 6 things to try:

1. Intentionality

Put loving energy into your space. Decide how you want to feel while you're doing anything.  The intention you put into an activity often determines the quality of your experience. Like driving or responding to emails. I try to take a moment before I dive into any new task and set an intention for how I want this experience to go.  

2. Declutter and Clean

Keep your work and living spaces clean and uncluttered. When something is dirty or cluttered, it's evidence of the past.

**Skip this if you don't like horror movies: Most dust is actually dead skin flakes! So a layer of dust is a bunch of dead bodies lying on your stuff...

Clutter means something placed in an unmindful way. Notice, what's around you that you don't need or was placed unconsciously. Declutter it.  Do the way things are placed around you helps or blocks your creativity?

I find that the energy that I put into keeping my room organized comes back to me in the form of renewed focus and space to think clearly.  I've never had a cleaner desk than I do these days.

3. Beautify

Do you have art on the walls? Plants? Flowers? What colour are things painted? Is there beauty here?

Pay attention to things that are ugly, decaying, broken, or stained. Decorate to bring beauty into the spaces you live and work in.  Don't keep things that stir up any negative emotions.

I grew up in a very frugal family so this is something re-teaching myself. It's better to have fewer nicer things, and than lots of free, old stuff.  Speaking of, I need revamp my closet and get rid of some old college sweaters... *pulls off sweater*

5. Atmosphere

Energy hangs out in an empty space. Fresh air makes you feel completely different from stale office air. You could use Fragrances, essential oils, fresh flowers or natural aromatherapy.

I try to always have the windows in my room open for fresh air to circulate.  When I'm feeling inspired, I immediately turn on music to keep a good mood going.  When I'm feeling down, I put on a calming song and just listen for a few minutes before I dive into my work.

I recently discovered soundtrack composer Dexter Britain and melt when I listen to his stuff.  It's like eating dessert through my ears. Oh, I also have Christmas lights in my room that I'll turn on for a cozy evening mood.

6. Natural Element

Candle. Fountain. Something alive.

I've collected a few candles since I started this blog and always keep several by my desk.  Natural beeswax candles are best (skip the synthetic petroleom byproducts).  Since I don't have any of those yet, I don't burn my candles too often. Still, having them around is comforting and soothing. Mission accomplished.

7. People aka. Changing The Subject 

Some people don't realize that they hold very negative perspectives on life. I choose to forgive them and share something good I noticed or something positive I'm reading.

Ask an uplifting question  Ask a question about something you know they love. If you need to, leave the conversation, at least temporarily. Take a break.  Don't let your mood get dragged down by other people.   

When someone's feeling down, I try share my positive perspective on her situation. I won't confirm to them that ya, so-and-so was a douchebag, ya, jobs are hard to find, etc. How about forgive and let go?  How about jobs are everywhere, you're just waiting for the right one to find you? I'll empathize, but still point the conversation towards the silver lining.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have any other tips for shifting your mood? What to do you on a day-to-day basis to stay cheery? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

Just Love, 

Anita xo