My first post after 3 months off social media. (Part 1 of 7)


Pause. Hiatus. Void.
Why do sunsets seem to be prettier when we’re traveling?
Because we actually stop to admire the phenomenon of changing colours.
Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I’d follow through with this social media hiatus.
I just knew I needed to
declare P A U S E. 
The portals of social media were becoming a rope that choked
and bound me to my old self. 
So I threw the rope off the cliff edge
forgot the logins
deleted the apps.
Once I cut the noise,
the Heavens opened before me. 
My eyes tired and dried from looking at a screen for 3 years,
My soul weary from playing a dangerous game with money and gain,
My heart discouraged from failed dreams and false expectations,
The Heavens opened and upon me came a Presence of Security and Certainty I’d been searching for my whole life.
I’ve had a thousand AHA's and none of them have escaped my grasp.
Instead, all the revelations have sunk deeper into my soul. 
Given a chance to germinate,
Instead of being pulled out immediately into my writing
I have newfound clarity in how I am supposed navigate this life,
I am not a lonely sailor in a wicked world. 
I am a sailor among a fleet of angel ships.
I have watched myself morph
and adapt into an environment
where I didn’t even think I’d survive.
One blind step of faith
and then one more. 
I followed the clues and signs
walking past all my fears,
pushing past my wounds,
leaving it all in the past. 
At the end of the path
you could say, I found God. 
but more accurately,
God drenched me in his overwhelming, reckless love
and scooped me into the safety of His arms.
He’d been waiting for me all along...
so we begin again. 
Part 1 of 7
"Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”
Genesis 1:2