How to Know If You're Living (or Just Accumulating Stuff)

Dear Soul Family, We must remember that we are a part of nature, not separate from it. We have the power to heal ourselves and blossom into greatness.

Last night I slept on this beach in the Florida Keys , under the moon and stars. I gazed up into the galaxies for hours and remembered the Truth about this Life.

We are not meant to be sitting in cubicle boxes all day so that we can get a few digits transferred to our box accounts. So we can buy more boxes of stuff to fill out box homes. And drive around in box cars.

There is a way of being in this world where you look like an ordinary human being looking out at the sunrise, but you are Soul alive.

You have realized your power to change your life and help others. You have deep inner peace all the time. You a fire in your soul that can uplift millions. You have a spark in your eyes that transmutes darkness to light. You have calling in your heart that is your trusted compass. You attract other epic souls and cocreate magnificent projects. For fun. And you're financially supported all the way.

THIS is living.

It starts with looking out at the infinite horizon and realizing that you are One with it.

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Infinite Love,

Xx Anita

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