How I Broke Through My Terror Barrier & Created A Life On My Own Terms.

As we reach for bigger and bigger things in ours lives, fears are guaranteed to come up.

At this crucial point, you can either give up or go forward. But I know that if you're reading this, you're the type who WANTS to go forward so I wanted to share some special tips today.

The Terror Barrier is this concept that when you are trying to change your life, there is a mental barrier to you must break through. You have to completely change the way you think about your life and what is possible. You have to break a LOT of old habits and unconscious ways of thinking. When you first try to do this, you subconscious mind FREAKS out. It will make you worry and convince you to that it's too painful, not gonna work, etc. 

Let me explain: (I prefer to be transparent. I know it can look from outside that success is smooth sailing, but I've always found inspiration from learning the behind-the-scenes of people's lives and businesses, so here we go!)


 I was carving my own career path - none of my old friends were doing anything like this - everyday I was making my own life up. After a couple months of plugging away and making progress, I found that I would wake up anxiety attacks. 

I would keep going, and the fear would subside for a while. Then..

STAGE 2:  

I would feel the fear attacks again, but less severe this time.  I kept taking action. I invested in myself more. (Money is spiritual energy in motion. When you invest, you actually unseen forces and will find new strength to move forward.) 


I would fear an overall lingering sense of fear and uneasiness about life.  This is where I did a lot energy clearing work and worked intensely with my coach to understand what was really holding me back and them.

PHFOOM! Now I'm able to work with much more focus, clarity, inspiration and ease! And I'm 110% committed to creating my dream. No more lollying around. I'm no longer allowing the fearful thoughts to penetrate my mind and I will put ALL of my focus on creating my dreams. 

Tools to help you break through the Terror Barrier:

  • EFT Tapping: This is an incredible process to help you separate the sensation of fear, from the thoughts. It is incredibly powerful and you will never be the same. This is exactly why I do EFT/tapping with all of my private clients.

  • Meditation: Observing and quieting your mind will teach you to identity your thoughts and to separate your thoughts from YOU.

  • Changing your beliefs: realize that you are MEANT to make your dreams come true. Align yourself with new positive beliefs, like "My dreams are meant to come true! If they can do it, I can do it."

  • Recognize what is happening. Those feeling of fear are part of the process, especially if this is your first big leap. Take care of yourself, but DON'T STOP taking action.

  • Get the support you need to keep moving forward. In my experience, a coach was THE most helpful. At the start friends and family might not understand what you're trying to create (and might even discourage you) so it's important to connect yourself with a mentor.

As you stay the course, your new beliefs, your new way of life grows stronger and stronger and sets it. A big key throughout the whole process is DON’T GO BACKWARDS.

Keep taking steps forward. It gets easier and soon enough, you too will have a freedom-filled and successful career, built entirely from your passions! 

Just Love, 


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