How To Use Your Intuition To Make BIG Life Decisions - Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about how to hear your Intuition. In case you missed it, read it here

So now you slowed down. You're listening for your intuition. You slept on it. You journaled it out and...

You get your intuitive answer! 

But then…you start doubting it.

I’m a firm believer, that we always have the right decisions inside us, if we choose to listen to that still inner voice. 

In order to create a life we love, however, we have to actually act on what we hear from our soul.

Trust in your gut. 

I had a situation recently where I was invited to join a particular project came up again. A couple months ago, I had been at a similar fork in the road, and I decided to dive into coaching, instead of this project. Recently this option came up again. 

In some ways, joining the project would be help me grow, but there was obviously a reason why I said “no” last time... 

Still, I caught myself rationalizing it out: “Can I do both? How will this fit my vision? But maybe this is a good idea. I just need to do XYZ to make it work. Can I do it?” 

Then I talked to an intuitive friend, and she asked me point blank, “Anita, Is this direction something that you feel like you’re meant to be doing?” The answer that spat out of my mouth involuntarily was a clear, crisp, “No.” 

“There you go!” my friend said. “See, you intuitively know the answer. Now listen to it, trust it, see if there is something that you can learn from it, but stop wondering if you should go in the direction. It’s clearly a no.” 

Wow, it was so easy.  When I was busy trying to figure it out, it was hard to decipher the right answer. But when I gave myself the space and expected to hear my intuition, the answer was crystal clear. (Also having someone who holds you to intuition helps a lot!) 

If you empower yourself to TRUST your intuitive voices, life becomes way simpler. 

Act like you can’t do wrong…because you can’t! 

Trust in that voice, and act. This is where you have to take that leap.  It’s no good, if you know the right thing to do for yourself, but you still keep plugging away at the same old habits. 

I get that this isn't always easy, but it does lead to the most happy and fulfilling life for yourself. 

Your intuition will never lead you astray - but it is your actually your soul guiding you to the fullest expression of our gifts! 

Even when from the outside, things look crazy - like you're quitting your cushy job, sailing around the world or moving to a developing country - if you are following your intuition, you can trust that things will work out. 

Can you feel it? 

Can you feel that ease that settles in your chest when you let go of trying to control the outcome? 

This is how life can always feel if you allow yourself to be led by your intuition. 

Start with the itty bitty. 

You can start trusting your intuition with small decisions. When your intuition is right, celebrate! When it’s off, shrug it off! In time, you will get used to the feeling of a intuition and know when it is speaking to you. 

I’ve been keep a journal of my intuitive impulses and it acts as a powerful reminder to me that my intuition WORKS! Whenever I had doubts, I just flip back into my journal. Even in just the last 3 weeks, this happened: 

  • I was led to visit meditation centre on a particular day. They happened to be having a potluck celebration that day and there was tons of food. 
  • The following Sunday I was lead to visit another centre and they too were having a fundraising lunch and there was lots of food! 
  • I thought I was done for the day and went to the pool. While swimming, I remember that I had an appointment as just the perfect time. I had just enough time to do one more lap, jump out, shower and get to my appointment on time.  

When you can hear, trust and act on your intuition, life gets way easier. You instinctively know what opportunities to jump on, and which ones to avoid. 

You know which job to take or if something better is coming along just around the corner. Life can be magical and miracles begin to happen regularly when you allow yourself to be guided. 

Your intuition knows the shortest distance between you and your dreams! 

I wanna hear from you! Can you remember a time when you went with your gut instinct and things worked out? Celebrate in the comments below! 



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