It All Started With the Click of One Button.

anita wing lee periscope

To think it all started with this little device and the courage to press "Start Broadcast" on Periscope. I will be leaving Hawaii in 4 days after spending nearly three months here. I started this year wanting to answer one simple question: 

What would happen if I didn't worrying about my career or money and simply woke up everyday asking, "How can I serve?" #ProjectSoulFam

Since Dec 2015, the answer has taken me to over 35 homes/beds, dozens of cities, 6 countries and 1000s of miles via car, train, bus and flights. I will be heading back to the UK to finish putting together The Soul Of Humanity - the book we crowdfunded, inspired by my work in refugee camps Greece.

So the journey continues... As Mother Teresa said, "We can do no great things, only small things with great love. Never doubt the power of love in action.

Follow my journey via livestream on Periscope too: @AnitaWingLee. I just did a scope answering a lot of travel-related questions and I hope it inspires you to be free. - AWL💛