Let's Light Up Periscope! 

The mission behind #GlobalMeditationScope is to spread love and light through Periscope. 
Meditation calms the mind, opens the heart and help you find your truth.   

What is #GlobalMeditationScope? 

On December 12-13, over 200 Periscopers around the world will lead creative meditation broadcasts. 

Our collective intention is create spaces for people to reconnect with their hearts using scope.   We are using Periscope to also expand the definition of meditation. Is it not just what you do. 

Our intention is make this a movement of love and light. What started as a one-day event is now a collective - a family - of soulful broadcasters who continue to support each other and inspire on Periscope.  

Wanna participate? Here's how: 

  1. Follow a Meditation 'Scoper and tune in for the next GMS in December 2015.
  2. Apply to be an official GMS Guide and host a scope for GMS December 2015. 
  3. Donate or help us find sponsors to make this event even bigger next time around. 

The Story Behind The Movement 

The first #GlobalMeditationScope was created in a mere 9 days from July 30 - August 8, with the help of dozens of Periscopers and chronicled entirely on Periscope. The story has inspired hundreds and continues to grow as more people hear about our beautiful Periscope family and choose to contribute. 

#GlobalMeditationScope LIVE at Periscope Summit!

We were proud to be invited to present at the first ever Periscope Community Summit in NYC.  Stay tuned for more details on #GlobalMeditationScope LIVE at the next Periscope Summit in San Francisco, Jan 14-16, 2016. 

Can't make it to NYC? 

The next #GlobalMeditationScope on Periscope will be in December 2015. Planning will be underway shortly and we are looking for team members to help us make this even bigger and brighter.  We are looking for : 

  • Periscopers who want to create a space for people to connect with their hearts 
  • Graphic designers, web developers, marketing, organizing, event coordinating, video editing & production, anything! 
  • Anyone with a heart to contribute and a desire to jam out with the best peeps on Periscoper for a few weeks as we blow up Periscope with our light. 

Creative Meditations In Every Style & Tradition! 

 We are breaking open the stereotypes around Meditation and featuring every style and tradition imaginable! Over 100 Periscopers will broadcast around the world!  

anita wing lee

Host of #GlobalMeditationScope, World Adventurer

 Graphic designer, Artist

Author, Speaker



EFT Practitioner

Founder of First Church Of Periscope

On-Air Personality, Comedian

Founder of techbloke.com


Meditate With Us On Periscope 

Wanna find an amazing meditation scope for Dec 12-13? 

Sign up below to find out when the official list is announced! 

Wanna be an Official Guide or contribute to the next #GlobalMeditationScope?

We're looking for meditation guides, designers, techies,...anyone who would help us next Global Meditations Scope even better! If you feel called to serve and join our high-vibe team, submit your email AND fill out the form below  (yes, both parts).

Name *
We are open to traditional and uber non-traditional creative meditations. Our intention is to make meditation inclusive so we'd love to hear your ideas to help connect people back with their hearts. The more creative and specific the better. Feel free to take a look at the August GMS list for ideas.
We are looking for broadcasters who already scope at least once a day and demonstrate a commitment to growing and serving on this platform.
We ask that all GMS guides help with promotion. This includes participating in a Pass The Cast (instructions & training will be provided), posting GMS graphics on your website, authentically sharing about GMS on your scopes, inviting your followers to apply to be guides, and sharing on social media. This shouldn't feel like a chore to you. The ideal GMS guides are scopers who are genuinely excited to share the movement with their followers.
We are actively looking for divine assistance with sponsorship, marketing, community building, graphic design, web, organization and more.

Find A Meditation 'Scoper  

The December 2015 #GlobalMeditationScope schedule will be posted here as soon as it's available! Until then, browse the list and follow your favourite inspirational Periscopers. If you'd like to lead a GMS meditation, please submit your email above. 

Invite your friends! 

Our intention is to get #GlobalMeditationScope featured by @periscopeco and trending on Twitter as we light up with world with our meditations. We'd love for you to share this webpage with your friends and followers! Use the hashtag #GlobalMeditationScope on all social media so that we can find you and retweet or repost.  


Loving #GlobalMeditationScope? Pay It Forward!

Contact us at hello@anitawinglee.com for additional questions.