"Let me show you how much i love you." (Part 5 of 7)

anita wing lee

On my morning drive, I ask Him
again and again
W H Y did you create this horrid, wretched world?
Why did you let it become all effed up?
The brokenness. The anger.
The futility of this meagre life.
The empath in me feels the immensity
of this world’s pain. 
And He answers me with love so fierce,
“I don’t hate cities.
I made these cities.
I love them.
Let me show you how much Beauty there is still here.
Let me show you how I see these cities.”
"Let me show you how much I love you. 
Let me show you how wide
how long,
how high
and how deep is my love.
This might take a long time, 
for a have oceanfuls of love for you."
And He whispers, "This is why I created you. 
This is why I created YOU.
Again and again
Louder until it i as roar in my heart. 
THIS is why I created you.
This is WHY I created you.
This is why I created YOU."
God’s own workmanship.
This is why I made you
with the ability to alchemize
the chaos, noise and war
into Light. 
Living freedom
W H O took you on the grandest tour of earth’s finest offerings? 
I AM the Wind in your sails.
I am the Wings that flew across this precious planet. 
I am the Heaven
that permeates
of your reality.
I am S T I L L H E R E.”
Part 5 of 7
“I will never leave you more forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

writingAnita Wing Lee