Are Quantum Leaps Possible? My Story from 0 to 7000+ followers on Periscope & A Whole New Life.

A year ago today, I thought I was headed nowhere. I needed a miracle. BADLY.

I couldn't understand why I was having anxiety attacks when I was following my dreams! All I wanted to say was "WTF, life?!"

The only thing that seemed to help was meditation. So I started to commit more and more to my spiritual path, doing only things that aligned with my heart's calling.

Six months ago, I was inspired to get on Periscope. I started broadcasting and now I have a family 7000+ incredible souls and an avalanche of new career opportunities as a meditation guide, international broadcaster, humanitarian and spiritual teacher.

How did all of this happen?I

I took the time to do this longer Periscope broadcast to reflect how I made it here in the 18 months since I started this very website.

I hope that this story will inspire you to keep following that still, small voice in your heart. As you do, it will become an undeniable companion in your life, guiding you to your highest potential.

My life is slowly becoming a reflection of what happens when we follow the inner callings. This month, I was invited to be a presenter on The Zen Cruise (dream come true!) and I'm going back to San Francisco in 3 weeks to speak again at Periscope Summit.

2016 is going to be an even bolder year. Now that I have my spiritual foundation - my roots - I am learning how to build epic things in the material world - the branches. I am committed to being a force of love and light in the world and using the gifts and talents I've been given to serve.

Because of this commitment, I've been inspired to create Soul Fam Fund. I am taking my Periscope channel on the road and will be going to Greece in Jan 2016 to work with humanitarian efforts supporting Syrian refugees and help raise funds.

We're kicking journey off with an epic road trip across America, from NYC to San Francisco, to host workshops and raise awareness and funds, called the Soul Fam Caravan.

I would love to give you a thank you hug on this tour! Click here to meet me at a stop on the Soul Fam Caravan.

The Soul Fam Fund marks the beginning a new direction in my business, career and life - one that fills my soul with a fire and faith like never before. The best way to follow me on this epic journey is on Periscope (@anitawinglee) and by joining my mailing list.

If you're still not on Periscope, download the app and find me at @anitawinglee. Trust me, you wanna get on this one.

Thank you for being a part of my life through all of this. It's been a winding, heart-opening, soul-filling journey and I hope that I can continue to inspire and serve you in 2016.

In some ways, I was just a girl who was too stubborn to get a "normal" job but brave enough to tip toe into her dreams. In return for having the courage to follow my heart, I've been gifted with this incredible community and a life that overflows with passion, purpose, love and abundance. 

What more could we ask for in this life, right?

My commitment to you is to continue to bring you the best of what I'm living and learning and keep it real. Now my magnificent journey really has a life of it's own, and I'm just along for the ride. I hope you will come too. :) xx

Infinite Love & Gratitude,