5 Powerful Lessons from Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein

I had no idea what impact it would have on me. I just had a knowing that I should go. 

Then just days after completing Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I read this in a book:

“A true Master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most Masters. 
A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but the one who creates the most leaders. 
A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge.”
- Neale Donald Walsch

Since then, it has become my mission to empower leaders, people have blaze your own path with love.   At a result, I've experienced ridiculous miracles in my life, business growth, travel opportunities, clarity and direction. 

At SJM I was able to absorb countless nuggets from Gabby’s journey from being an addict at 25 to today, being multiple New York Times best selling author, speaker and spiritual dynamo. 

Today I want to share with you my honest review of Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

More Life-Changing Lessons From Spirit Junkie Masterclass

1. Listen to the voice of love in your head. 

For the first two days, I caught myself several times thinking, “I know all of this.” I caught this thought, in horror, because I didn’t want to ruin my own experience at the event. I would say a quick prayer and tell myself, “Stay open, Anita. Stay open. I welcome all creative possibilities.” I didn’t want to block my own ability to learn. I knew there was a reason I felt called to attend SJM even though my mind kept telling me “I know all of this.” 

After catching this thought several times, I realized - maybe the was the message. I know all of this and now it’s time to put it into action. 

2. The universe will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

That’s how it works. It was amazing to hear the story of how Gabby got her start as an author and it was a reminder to me that the universe is capable of bring to be exactly whatever I need in an instant. I’m not supposed to struggle and take all of this laborious action. My job is to do my part and when my actions are aligned with Love, the universe will meet me halfway. 

I'm working on my first book right now, and it's easy to get caught in it all "omg how am I going to get this published?!" I know now that my job is to keep creating, writing, showing up, telling my story and aligning with love. The universe can easily bring me my literary agent when the timing is right. 

3. I can 'back door' my light.

I used to struggle with wondering how I am going to reconcile the side of me that is a huge metaphysics nerd and this real-world practical stuff I teach about networking and careers. Now I know that I don’t have to choose. I can do both. You might have noticed that even though I have a program that teaches people how to network and find their dream jobs, I don’t typically blog about those topics. (Conventional blogging advice is that I’m supposed to only blog about one niche topic area.)  

I used to think that I had to do a complete 180 and start talking about angels and chakras, but now I feel really good about being an “undercover miracleworker.” (The fact that I’m writing this makes it not-so undercover anymore haha.) I give myself permission blog and vlog about everything from travel to meditation, entrepreneurship to mental health.  I know that the underlying thread in my work is just to awaken people to the light within themselves. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think I’m doing, because I know what I’m really doing on earth.  I'm just giving people permission to pursue their dreams by doing so myself. 

For me, passion is just another word for spirit.  
Intuition is another word for your soul. 
Networking is another word creating miracles.  

I use different works depending on who I’m speaking to but it’s all my authentic truth.  This gives me the confidence go forth and by myself. 

4. Live by the Law of Pure Potentiality: I am creative.

Rha Godess gave an out-of-this-world 30 minute talk where she pinpointed the single most important element of her success was the law of pure potentially. When we fully understand that we are pure potential, we remember that we can create anything.  Powerful stuff. No matter where you came from, you are still pure potential and you create your destiny

Several times during the Q&A with Rha, she told people to reframe the way they spoke about our problems. My experience at my 10-day vipassana course, also brought this home. Our words are creative. Now I’m very aware of what I say. For example, “I am always guided to exactly what I need and to the right people.” vs. "I am so overwhelmed and I can't figure this out."

5. Be right where you are now and the Universe will take care of the transitions. 

You are right where you are supposed to be and you will teach what you need to learn.  A year ago, I kept trying to get out of my life. I wanted to be there already. Now I am fully here, in my city, in my room, in my blog, doing what I do best now with the most joy I can summon.  I was even able to share this message with a spirit junkie soul sister since I’ve lived through it - and that is the whole point!  

There will be things that I could teach if I was 5 years further along, but right what my peeps need most is what I’m learning now.  


Is Spirit Junkie Masterclass for you? 

All in all, I know that there is a reason that I felt called to go to SJM.  I feel like I anchored my soul and now no matter where my journey takes me on the outside, I know how to find my way home inside. 

As I always say about travel, if you feel called to go. You must go.

There is something you will learn out there that will light a fire in your heart. When that happens, you become unstoppable. 

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Infinite Love & Gratitude, 

xx Anita