I'd rather basking in the whole process VS. chase quick success.

What this world needs from us is not more people who are chasing false success and trying to sound good. What this world needs is people who are real, raw and human. People who aren't trying to fake it to look good. People who care more about heart than numbers.

I've been taking a little break from social media because I realized that in order to make things that are deeply meaningful, I need to dive deeper. Some lessons are just for my soul to chew and digest right now so that what flows out is pure and clear. I've still got tons of stunning photos from Paris that I want to share, but I'll do it when the time feels right. πŸ˜‰

I don't believe in rushing things anymore. For those of us called to create things in the world, what we are making is too important to dilute. Take your time to collect the right ingredients and bake the cake soulfully. When the cake's ready to be shared on a bigger scale, you know. And it'll be a lot better than a half-assed cake where every 30 seconds you were trying to post in my Instagram stories (guilty).

I'd rather be real, than perfect. I'd rather create 2 powerful, deeply meaningful things in 2017, than 5 glossy, patched, fake-feeling things. I'd rather love you, this tribe, with all my heart, instead of have 1 million meaningless likes.

Saying no to the "shoulds" is just as important as saying YES to your soul.
πŸ“·: Sunset cruise on the Seine River. It was freezing cold, but so fricken beautiful. I don't even have words. This picture says it all. πŸ’›

I made it to Paris!

The other night I was showing my soul sis @saraharlen how to map out our 10 year plans. Most of the time I've very forward thinking and it's easy to dream up some castle in the sky to build with my life. This night, however, my mind was blank. I felt like I didn't want to demand anything of the universe. I just wanted to be grateful that I'm already living my dreams. As long as I milk all the joy and precious moments from my current life, then I know that the future will be bright too. Life responds to who you are being, not what you ask for.

Be in awe of life and she will give you plenty more to be in awe of. Use what you've got to create something beautiful and she will give you more to create with. An iPhone can be used to snap photos and send texts to 5 people or you can use it to send love to 5 million people. The only difference is the size of your vision.

Before I was ever running into the middle of the Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es in Paris to get the perfect pic for you on Insta, I made the most of life in Toronto, Canada taking pictures at the lake from the dog park.

Life is your movie and you don't have to be an extra or just an actor. You get to be the director, producer, costume designer and everything in between. Sending you cosmic hugs from Paris. πŸ’›

How to know if you're destined to travel the world

Some people don't have the travel gene, but if you're reading this, there's a good chance that you were born an explorer.

Do you know the story I first got hooked on traveling? In case you don't before, here's what happened (and even if you have, if I have a juicy new detail to share)! 

I was teaching English in the rolling hills of Italy, living with host families and eating heaps of authentic Italian pizza. I didn't bring a watch, which was silly because I had to manage kids running around all day, but thankfully my host mom lent me one. 

I was struck by the message on it! All the numbers on the watch face were jumbled and around the edge was written, "You don't live in a nine to five world."

Now, this is when I was in university and had no idea that I actually would not live in a 9 to 5 world.  

It was an omen. 

I had to give the watch back, but the message stuck with me. What if i'm not meant to live in the 9 to 5 world?!

Recently, a follower of mine heard this story, found this watch online, bought it and mailed it to me. By some epic miracle, this watch has come found it's way back to, 5 years later!!

It was surreal to hold it in my hand. 

This is how I know that our How To Travel The World Full-Time free workshop on Sunday, November 27 is meant to be. And you're here because you're meant to be.

Make sure to save the date in your calendar: 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT on Nov. 27 (or use worldtimebuddy.com to figure out your local time.) It's best if you can join us live but just in case you can't, there will be a video recording send to you, available for a limited time after the airdate.

In just one hour (+ Q&A time), you'll know my exact steps to traveling the world for 2017:

  • How much it actually costs to travel around the world (it's a lot less than you think.)
  • Top ways turn your unique gifts and skills into income and get paid
  • Behind the scenes of how I become a full-time world traveler.
  • and much more! 

Click here to save your spot for the free training.

If you can't wait that long... I've got you covered! Here's my latest travel vlog from Birmingham, UK. I show you a glimpse into my life of travel, how I work (without an office), stay fit and other shenanigans.


Keep loving, sharing and being awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life and this tribe.


Is it Safe to Travel Alone as a Female?!

Hi Epic Souls,

Since I left Canada at the end of December, my experiences have ignited my passion for travel even more. After spending three months in Hawaii, I feel very blessing and grateful that I get to do what I do. I often get asked if it's safe to travel alone as a 20-something female. Here are some of my insights on traveling solo:

If you enjoyed the video, please do leave me a comment below. I love to hear from you! Let me know if you have any special requests for videos as well

For more on this topic, check out my travel tips playlist on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTiB65Uknn3YmfJIkM_9CrbBfz3nseVuU

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I can barely believe this just happened: Hawaii Retreat

Y'know those moments when you open your eyes a little wider and realize that you're living in a movie? Like, this moment too damn perfect.

About 1.5 years ago, I wrote a blog about wanting to take people to extraordinary places and give them life-changing experiences. I wanted to lead retreats around the world one day.

One day just happened.

anita wing lee hawaii

A lot sooner than I thought.
From now on, I no longer put timelines on my dreams. πŸ™Œ
Expect miracles, my friends, for they are right around the corner.

I'm so grateful and so humbled. I just want everyone to get to experience this feeling of awe and explosion in your heart. This photo is like my heart turned inside out so that you can see it in this dimension. So much love. So much color. πŸ’›πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š

πŸ“·: leading a guided meditation during sunrise for my retreat participants.πŸ’› photo by @marcela_r_b

How I Created My First Meditation Retreat In Hawaii

What if everything in your life was preparing you for this moment? There are so many lessons that I'm gleaning from this experience putting my meditation course and retreat in Hawaii and watching it come to life. My soul is still digesting it but here is a start: 

1️⃣ Get your fear out of the way. The only thing stopping you from greatness is fear and fear is an illusion. Learn how to deal with it and you'll become unstoppable. 

2️⃣ Do what's in the flow and surrender the outcome. Sweet, sweet surrender creates peace throughout the process. 

3️⃣ Follow your gut - even for every micro-decision. This also makes the whole process of creating fun, instead of tedious. 

4️⃣ Have unshakeable faith. It's taken me a few years to understand faith. I'm not talking about blind faith. I'm talking about faith that comes from KNOWING - with a doubt - that I'm simply here to serve. 

5️⃣ It's supposed to be easy! For me, there is no such thing as "working hard." There is only doing what is divinely guided and inspired or, stop until it's the right time.

We are all meant to be creators. What do you want to create with your life? Declare it. I'd love to hear below! -AWLπŸ’›

πŸ“·: Teaching during my course in Hawaii. Day 4: We're off to the Volcano for a meditation by the crater! Photo by @marcela_r_b

Before I could ever blog, I tried.

anita wing lee hawaii

I started blogging 4 years ago on my first solo trip to East Africa. I was 21 at the time. I didn't know anything about websites, social media, etc. All I knew was that this journey was about to be epic and I wanted to share it.

I remember staying up late in the house I shared with four roommates in university, figuring it how to use Wordpress. It was such a struggle, but I felt so accomplished when I could get one little widget to work.

Once in a while, I get a glimpse of how much I've grown and taking this picture was one of those moments. I took this with a self-timer and tripod. I felt so free as I listened to the waves crashing. I never could have done this and you wouldn't be reading this if I didn't take small steps to venture online back then.

Never discount the little steps. Every micro step you take towards doing what you love adds up. The confidence to build is priceless. - AWL πŸ’›

Location: Hawaii

The Best Definition of Travel Ever

This is a the BEST definition of travel I've found in a long time: "Travel can be a symbol for the willingness to share and the willingness to flow, to accept and not expect."

Most people think that travel is a luxury, but that's just what marketing and advertising campaigns have taught us. Truthfully, travel is a CHOICE. It's your soul nudging you to wake up. It's your soul reminding you to surrender and not be a attached to material possessions.

For me, travel was a decision to get out of the western world university->job->car->house->mortgage paradigm. I knew it wasn't for me. There had to be another way to live and I wanted to find it. On my first trip to Italy 5 years ago, I saw glimpses of this other way and there was no going back.

Today I travel for different reasons. It's no longer about escaping and seeking. It's simply about a commitment to share light and go with where I can serve the most. 
If it takes me into a city, ok. 
If it takes me to the desert, ok.
If it takes me to a tropical island ok. 
If it tells me to stay put & create online content , ok. 
If it tells me to deal with no wifi, ok. 
It's no longer about the form or exotic sights, but about the content of my character and intention. It's about how much love I spread and I can experiencing every moment.

Why do you travel (or want to travel)? I'd love to hear below! - AWL πŸ’›

What Happened After I Pressed "Start Broadcast" on Periscope

anita wing lee periscope

To think it all started with this little device and the courage to press "Start Broadcast" on Periscope. I will be leaving Hawaii in 4 days after spending nearly three months here. I started this year wanting to answer one simple question: 
What would happen if I didn't worrying about my career or money and simply woke up everyday asking, "How can I serve?" #ProjectSoulFam

Since Dec 2015, the answer has taken me to over 35 homes/beds, dozens of cities, 6 countries and 1000s of miles via car, train, bus and flights. I will be heading back to the UK to finish putting together The Soul Of Humanity - the book we crowdfunded, inspired by my work in refugee camps Greece.

So the journey continues... As Mother Teresa said, "We can do no great things, only small things with great love. Never doubt the power of love in action.

Follow my journey via livestream on Periscope too: @AnitaWingLee. I just did a scope answering a lot of travel-related questions and I hope it inspires you to be free. - AWLπŸ’›

Why Today Is Most Important

Dear Ones, today is important. At some point you must stop seeking and realize that everything you need is HERE. I received an email from someone who found me on Instagram recently. She said she was deeply inspired by my way of life. She's been frantically looking for opportunities that would allow her to quit her desk job and travel. She feels unfulfilled and knows that's not the lifestyle she wants.

I want to share something with you:
I know that the desk job life is not for me, but I'm not here to tell you to quit your job and "escape the 9-5". What I am here to tell you is that there IS another way. I am living it. I have found a way of being in the world where I am always financially supported as I create epic things to give people. I travel the world, to wherever I feel called. The perfect opportunities and people always show up at the right time.

How did this happen for me? More importantly, how can you create YOUR version of this?
It comes down to one thing:
OWN it.
Own what your heart tells you. 
Follow its advice fearlessly. 
Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Everyday. 
I see you. I hear you. 

Dear Ones, NOW is the time.

Why We Crave Travel


After traveling to 25+ countries and meeting hundreds of people who work jobs but don't want to, I know that travel is the Call of the Soul.

It is the voice inside that tells us there is a different way. It is the call inside that beckons you to date to think differently about how life "works". What if you're NOT supposed to trade time for money? What if you're just supposed to create amazing, epic, passion-filled things and let the universe provide for you?

The craving to travel is your soul pushing you to see beyond your current paradigm.

Working in job is paradigm.
Taking siestas in the middle of the day is a paradigm.
Building a business is a paradigm.
Living as a digital nomad is a paradigm.

When I travel, I am reminded of how there is no inherently right or wrong way to live. However, there is a way where you soul will thrive the most. Our job is to find it and flourish in it.


Once & For All: Do I have rich parents who pay for my travels?

"You must have millionaire parents who pay for your travels."
I get this comment A LOT on Periscope and I know that underneath it are some BIG assumptions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.01.33 AM.png

My parents raised me to be independent and since I started traveling 5 years ago, I found my own ways to fund my trips. My parents have never paid for any of my trips. I always worked jobs or found creative ways to fund my trips. Lets break it down:

ASSUMPTION: Travel is a luxury and for the rich.

1. I made a conscious choice that I wanted to live more simply and but meaningfully. for me, that included travel. I prioritize deep, meaningful experiences over accumulating stuff. I would rather spend my time doing things I love, even if this means making less money in the beginning, but get to enjoy every day

ASSUMPTION: I can't do what I love AND travel. I have to do what's "practical."

2. I focus on developing my passions and then offering to help others with my passions & skills. As a result I've landed jobs that paid for or enabled my travels. I always think of what services I could offer to help someone else and it leads to amazing conversations and opportunities to help companies abroad. For example, one of my fav trips was doing social media for scuba diving shop where I got free accommodations and over $1500 worth of diving for free.

Travel is often a BYPRODUCT of choosing to pursue my passion. My best advice is to try this theory out for yourself. I promise that if you put your passion first, it will pay off in the long run.

ASSUMPTION: I don't have enough money to travel.

This one is easy. All we have to do is do the math. It's actually cheaper for me to travel than it would be for me get a traditional job and stay in Canada. For the average person living in a first-world country, if you choose to save more and spend less, you would easily have enough money to travel for several months.

If you want to learn more from on how to fund your travel (or even get PAID to do it!), be sure to check out the Paradise Pack!

I'm honored be one of their 2016 guest travel experts. It's a world-class bundle from over 20 veteran travelers, $2500 worth of resources and available for only $197!

Get it here >>> http://bit.ly/paradisepack2016

It happens once a year and it's only available for another two days until 11:59 PST on Monday, June 6th!

Infinite Love,
Anita x